My Family Members Removed My Testicles

Sadly, I was in a situation where my family members believed that I had to be castrated because of issues i couldn’t overcome. I would have chosen it to be done by a professional surgeon but instead it was done by my sister in law with my mother in law and my other sister in law standing by to make sure it got done. The shame and humiliation was greater than the pain. It is hard for me anytime i see one of them. They saw and heard what women should never see or hear. I am not at all the same person as I was. I am of course nonsexual now but being neutered has also made me very timid. They have no respect for me since this was done and there is no going back to who I was.

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  1. I personally like having been castrated. I lost my first one to cancer, and the second to an extreme BDSM session with my dear lady friend, Cathy Morrison, who completely crushed my remaining nut with a large hammer on an anvil, after having tied and stretched it over the iron. The anticipation of this was fantastic, the reality was a pain I never imagined possible in this life. A doctor had to remove the remains a few days later.

  2. I lost a testicle years ago. Mom kept it in a small jar in the living room , and always showed it to any visitor. I’m still not sure about how I feel on the subject.

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