Found New Fetish

The other day I was at work with my wife. I was picking on another female employee who is like my sister. When I wasn’t expecting it, she took a heavy object and struck my in the testicles. Of course I had excruciating pain. My wife and the other girl were laughing at me. Within a few minutes, I gained composure and walked over to my wife. She punched me in the testicles! And laughed their butts off at me again. The pain was amazing! But it was incredibly arousing at the same time. Since then my wife has told me she enjoyed it and while we were having sex she punched me in the balls a few times. It was amazing and was some of the best sex ever. I just hope it’s not going to cause any permanent damage.

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  1. Don’t worry about permanent damage. You nuts can take a hell of a beating with no long term affects. Just enjoy having someone around who will do it for you. I enjoy having my wife and her friends unexpectedly kicking or hitting my balls. They think it’s hilarious, especially if I go completely to the floor holding on to my nuts.

  2. No Sir leave the jewels alone this is sick.. OUCH… I am a sissy crossdresser and am thinking of getting my balls removed they just get in the way. I will keep my cock .

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