It started when I was a girl scout selling cookies in the trailer park

It started when I was a girl scout selling cookies in the trailer park my parents still own today. Brian promised to buy cookies so when I went back to his trailer he didn’t answer the door. I went around back and peeked in the back window. There was only a small opening at the bottom of his shade but for the first time I saw a guy naked.

He was sound asleep naked but I just stayed looking at him for a long time. He was around 23 at the time and gosh was he cute. He ended up buying the cookies but when I saw he was home in the evenings I kept peeking in his back window as much as possible. I soon knew he was naked most of the time when he got home from work and for well over a year I watched him several times a week. He moved out when I was 14 but I did see him sometimes because he was dating my cousin.

During that time I would wait til dark and watch him for a hour or more some nights. He touched his penis all the time and played with his testicles as he walked around and had a hard on a lot. He masturbated often which I really liked watching him when he ejaculated.

He did it most of the time laying in his bed but sometimes when standing up. When I think about now I know I had to see him jerking off over 100 times and saw him naked more times than that. As it turned out. He married my cousin and they have been living in a trailer at my parents property for 2 years now.

I’m 19 now and see him often and babysit a couple times a month for their 3 year old. He would die if he knew how I used to watch him naked and see him masturbating as much as he did back then. I can still picture his body and cousin is real in love with him. She would kill me if she knew what I did then.

I like book of them so there is no way I would ever mention it and I never told anybody that I did that. At that time he lived in a small trailer in the back. It was a spot where no one could see me and I am sure Brian never knew I was watching him. They now live in a large Trailer 4 lots down from mine. I like talking to him and seeing him knowing he don’t have a clue how many times I saw him naked.

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