Giving into temptation

Friday morning I mistakenly gave into self-gratification when getting up in the morning to go to school. I soiled my bedsheets and had to wash them while I was out in order to prevent any permanent stain. I felt disgraced because its been over a month since I had not give into master-baiting and I swore to myself to never give into such a disgusting habit. I promised to confess my sins in giving into temptation and vowed to donate charity to the church in order to repent for my sin. Thank you for reading what I had to confess, and it feels good just to let it out in the open. I hope that God will be able to forgive me for my sins and that I will work at repenting for my sins as I go along.
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  1. i went to a sex ed christian based workshop once while i was on a retreat and the pastor there seemed to think master bating wasn’t necessarily a sin its the way you choose to do it which CAN make it sinful. Such as porn compared to being alone and relieving your body of natural tension that builds up. I frankly have no clue but that is what i believe in after going thru the workshop.

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