A Real Sissy

I’m a real Sissy. I only own panties and bras for underthings. And I’m an obsessive shopper for pretty clothes. I have at least 40 pairs of pretty panties and over 30 bras. I only wear women’s clothes now, going for simple tshirts for work with my ladies jeans. And I can’t stop buying makeup. I have boxes full. The woman who cuts my hair knows about me and always gives me a unisex cut, although more on the femme side. I don’t ask for that, I always just tell her to cut it as she likes everytime I go to the beauty parlor. And I keep my eyebrows nicely waxed as well. I have a large fairy tattoo on my thigh and I’m thinking about getting another tattoo. Any suggestions? I don’t want to be a manly man, ever. I’m happy being a sissy. Panty lines, stockings showing at my ankles and my pretty nails.And yes, I’ve had sex with manly men. Giving them oral and letting them take me while I’m bent over, my panties pulled down. Maybe I should get counseling, go on hormones and save up for a sex change. I’d be so much more happy as a woman.

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  1. If your happy I would stay doing what your doing. I would maybe dress for passing in public and go out doing your shopping that way. Enjoy what you like, life id to short.

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