YIKES! I am so embarrassed!

I love giving other guys blowjobs. Recently, I was giving this very well endowed guy a deep throat blowjob and it took him a long time to cum. He was riding my tonsils for like 45 minutes non-stop. I refer to it as a non-stop gobble cock session. I have had quite a few of those, but none that lasted for 45 minutes. The embarrassing thing was that his cock in my throat was making a very loud slurpy sound with each thrust he did. I could hear people talking and laughing outside of his apartment door in the hallway of his building. I figured that they had to be able to hear my slurping. But I blocked out everything and just focused on enjoying the blowjob I was giving. When he finished, wowsers what a huge load if cum, I swallowed and licked him clean. As I left his apartment, 2 college-aged girls were standing in the hallway. They must have seen me blush because they asked, “did you get your thirst quenched?” All I could do is smile, blush and say, “mmmmm yummy!”

That was embarrassing.

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  1. Damn Barry. That must have been embarrassing. It is sorta funny though. I would have laughed if I were in the hallway overhearing your slurping. That sounds like a brutal blowjob you gave. Keep sucking those cocks!

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