I Knocked But She Wouldn’t Open The Door

Having come from a big family,4brothers and a sister,we were Irish Catholics and a stricken mom and dad.

I was in the middle by age and the black sheep of the family.Being brought up in the 60’s was quite the experience especially for me , I was coming into puberty had a case of raging hormones.It all begins with my wanting to wear girls underwear and the first experience is with my mom’s bra and girdle and then came my sister who was 4yrs older than me.

I began to direct my attention towards her when I discovered the wonderful world of her pantie door.Being in the middle I got to do laundry and I discovered her colorful bras and panties plus she wore garter belts and stockings,pantyhose was invented yet.So every Saturday I washed the clothes and hung them up on our clothes line in the back yard.One day when everyone was out shopping I went up to her bedroom and opened up her panty drawer and started to fondle all her silky panties, I was in heaven.Soon my clothes came off and I was putting on a pair of her deep pink panties and a white bra,wow my cock became erect almost immediately.Then standing there I saw her garter belt and some stockings and they fit me like a glove.Behind me was a mirror and I was amazed at how I looked in all this lingerie,my head was spinning.

I got brave and went downstairs and to the basement to collect the wash and get it ready to hang out.Normally on the weekend most of the neighborhood is out and about.So I got a robe and put it on and went out side to hang out the wash,as I was hanging up my sisters panties I was oblivious to what was going on out front,you could see some of the clothes lines from the street as I was hanging up clothes my robe slid open and exposed my bra and panties,Meanwhile all of a sudden I see the mailman coming up the walk towards me with a pkg ,as he approached I closed my robe and began blushing and took the pkg again my robe opened up as I reached,he smiled and said nice ensemble and took it all in a teenage boy in girls underwear and I think he noticed my erection chuckled and said see you around and left.It was getting around noon and I finished putting up laundry while doing this my sister comes walking up the walk and called out and startled me turning around my robe got hooked on a nail on the garage and pulled my robe off leaving me standing there in her underwear .All of a sudden she started laughing and walked into the house,I tried to follow her and apologize but she slammed the door and locked it.

I knocked but she wouldn’t open the door.

I froze and started to cry and didn’t notice I was being watched by a couple of young boys about 7or8 laughing and pointing in my direction,I tried to hide from them ,they had a full view of the yard,one left and came back with his sister and she laughed and yelled out nice panties my sister is in the house laughing and called out “in the house panty boy, “caught in the act and embarrassed and the kids teased me and would call me sissy boy…?

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