What to do with Girl Friend.

My girlfriend and I broke up years ago but we recently got back togeather. I not sure that this is the life I want she now has to kids for another man and sometimes that alone gets alittle akward. I do Love her and I want to marry her but I cant get that thought of what will happen in the future out of my mind. We have alot of fun some day and other days well you know.

Im just not sure I sometime wonder if i should get someone without kids or should I just stick it out.

reply me please.

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  1. hey dude what u can do is 1: You can marry her so that your half the way love life will be complete and you willl be happy, but with that you shold aslo accept her kids and treat them as your kids, because y ou cannot spoil life of kids for your love life, they are innocent,
    2: You can marry to some other girl, and also keep only friendship with her so that you can share your feelings, thoughts and discuss your life good and bads…
    3: Just forget her as you broke with her few years ago, dont meeet her again in your life and marry a girl of your choice

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