Attached to teacher, she is my crush

Okay, well to start off I’m 14 (15 this year) And I’m really bad at math. Last year was my first time going to school since I was homeschooled whiich was for about 5 fives. I was never very good at math and I’m still not very good at it. When I got to math class for the first time I was so confused. I looked at the book and couldn’t help but to do anything but break down in tears and cry. I was trying not to be noticed I just wanted the class to end, but my math teacher came over and after me if I was alright. I told her I had no idea what I wsa going. She smiled and turned the page to where I was supposed to start. Se then told me it would be alright and patted me on the back amd told me it was alroght and asked me if I would like to go to the batheoom and splash water on my face. Ever since then she’s been a very helpful teacher. She’s done more then I’ve even known any teacher to do. I’m still really mad in her class though. Ever time we have a quarter test I seem to have break downs and cry cause I know I didn’t do good on the test. I once only finished half of the test in the time I was supposed to finish the whole thing and my math teacher said it was alright and I could finish it after school. I still seemed to cry and freak out about it as soon as I got out of her class. I went to history and tried to hold myself together but couldnt so my history teach told m I could excuse myself to the bathroom and he told my math teacher, she then came in the bathroom after me trying to calm me down and hugging me, picking on me about the mascara running down my face trying to cheer me up. She’s done more then those but those are two of the big times she’s been there for me. Now I can’t seem to stop thinking and tlaking about her. Or I seem to think I talk about her alot, it may jsut be me, no one even said anything about it. And I’m always thinking about her and how wonderful of a teacher she is. I pray for her every night and thank God that I have her.
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