The First Time I Dreamed You Were Wearing A Beautiful Blue Tailored Trench Coat, The Style Was A Very Elegant Lloyd’s Of London

The first time I dreamed you were wearing a beautiful blue tailored trench coat, the style was a very elegant Lloyd’s of London.

You were hugging me from behind, although I was walking away from you.

You clenched onto me for dear life, then you slid into a booth in front of me, and began saying: “Do you have any idea who this is?

Do you?” as you physically morphed from a lovely brunette female into a blonde Gordon Ramsey.

It was so strange.

The second time I dreamt of you was a week before Christmas, you were standing next to me, but had the hair style of another B level rock star we both know vaguely.

You grabbed my hand, turned to hug me by wrapping your hands around my waist and were completely naked under your coat.

Then a week after the holidays a picture of you floated across the internet of you on Christmas Eve, wearing the same coat I dreamed of you in.

I think you miss me, and although I adore your great sense of humor, style and witty ways, players are really not my cup of tea.


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