Molly Kreider Springfield Ohio

Molly Kreider Springfield ohio. Molly was my girlfriend.

Once I was at her house, and she walked in her room, pulled down her little shorts, spread her ass and showed me her pussy leaking a big cream pie!

Then she pulled her shorts up and laid in the bed next to me like nothing happened.

I was a total bitch, I’m not happy with myself but she then climbed on top of me, puts her ass right in my face in just a tiny little thong.

Then she smashed her butthole right up against my nose so I could smell it.

Then she took her hand and pulled her thing aside and smashed her cum filled pussy right into my mouth.

I started frantically liking and sucking it and she pulled my cock out and stroked it maybe two times and I blew the biggest load I’ve ever shot out of my cock.

She said “that’s right boy” then pulled my hair and came on my face.

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