Still Obsessed

From my late teens into early 20s, and still today, I’ve been sexually obsesse with my hot older sister, whom not only has been aware of it, but, helped it along. Even though we don’t live in the same area, we see each other at functions and gatherings.

Few weeks ago, the sexy sister with the 36C cup, long auburn hair, teasingly long red nails, and size 2 waist and I were at her house, chatting and flirting around. She rose to her feet, stating intent to take a shower and joking “so I gotta kick you out…Unless you want to watch me”. I took it seriously and chose to watch.

Observing her disrobe and present fully naked in front of me, I took a few grabs and gropes of her body before she stepped into the shower. Watching her and, admittedly, starting a little self-pleasure, I took the initiative and joined her.

She was surprised at first, and joked about us getting all soapy, but then, washing back her hair, TOLD me to do just that to her; Soap her up. After trading body rubs and suds, the sexy sister and I exited the shower, had some fun together, and I was on my way.

Heading home, I received a text from her. “Hey, shower buddy” she said. “Goes without saying nobody knows about this..Keep quiet about it, and it won’t be the last time”. Ok, that part was great and understandble. Her last message was this:

“I love that you’re still OBSESSED with my body!”.. And I am.

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