When I was in college, I took a Camera Techniques class Part of the course included video, equipment provided by the department. When the course was done, I hadn’t returned the handheld recorder, and, worse, the department had shut down for break.

Taking the recorder home for break, I fully intended to keep it packed so it didn’t break and I wouldn’t have to pay for it.

Then, however, while visiting my hot sister’s apartment, I found out her newfound freedom (fresh off divorce) made her casual and free at home; She’d shower with the bathroom door open, walk around half-clothed, answer the door in a partially-open robe, and, as I encountered twice, do her yoga workout in a bikini.

Figuring on maybe filming her doing normal things at home, just for fun and to have something to show off to my friends, i.e.- THIS is my hot older sister, I brought the recorder to her apartment one night. Got there, and she was doing her yoga.

“D” we’ll call her, let me in, made a fun comment about me watching her exercise in a bikini, and told me to sit down, not seeing the camera in my hand. I waited for her to resume yoga, ass and back facing me.

Flipping it on and shooting from the side of my leg, I captured D on digital video in all sorts of bikini-clad poses, stretches, and body contortions. Talking to her the entire time and avoiding detection, I took 15 minutes of video of her nearly naked and doing yoga. She never, and I mean, never, knew!

D also never knew that such video was traded around my dorm floor for all to see and enjoy. I’d always get it back from whoever borrowed it, but it did make it’s way around. Best part? None of the guys knew it was my own sister! Just thought I knew one hot chick!

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