With GF, Think of Sister

I’ve admitted and confessed to a long-standing, still strong sexual obsession with my hot older sister. However, have a related confession to make: Not only when I am having sex with my GF do I compulsively think of my hot sister, BUT, have gotten the GF to do things and look like my older sister JUST to get me going sexually. The GF noticed on a few occasions, but just thought that my relationship with the sister is so strong and loving, that I see anything SHE does as perfect (ok GF not exactly wrong on that). For a short time, things went like this: Sister would wear leather skirt with sexy top; GF would then do the same soon after; Sister bought a Wicked Weasel bikini (looked so good in it), GF ordered one, too. Hair down and highlighted for hot sister? GF, too. It’s like having two versions of the sexiest woman I know, at my disposal!
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