So I Finally Got What I Wanted..

So i finally got what i wanted..much earlier than i expected ..i always thought it would take 10 or 15 years ..but i prayed and it happened…but why so early?

Is the universe trying to send me a message? Is this the end or a beginning? I dont know.

Im not getting it..but im happy..this moment feels like pure bliss..not the happy ending i wanted but still a happy ending
…maybe in another life ..if the earth doesnt burn to ground by then ..then another life..itll happen again…and i wont let go..ill fight …but not this time..
Im tired this time..not a fairytale..just a sad poem …not even colourful..yet so meaningful..i hate this skipping this one..maybe better is yet to come..but i dont want to be that person..atleast not for now.

Is this how closure feels?

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