It Feels Terrible Thinking About This And Having A Guilt

Hi, today I'm feeling very heavy hearted so I just want to let it all out.

In this current scenario going on in my country, we are going through a lot of financial issues.

We are cat parents but now it's getting very hard for us to support them so today we had to abandon one of my cats with very heavy heart.

We did tried getting him adopted but nobody wanted to adopt an adult cat.

It feels terrible thinking about this and having a guilt.

Just feels like we are the worst person on the Earth to abandon our pet.

But now it was just impossible for us to keep him.

Cats were fighting among them, female one just got a litter of 2 kittens and we had to keep male cat on terrace.

Wasn't possible for us to get him neutered as we don't have money for it.

I just ask for forgiveness from God for this. Hope he forgives us.

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