Money Buys Love?

Lord, I Nitin Rajinikant Desai, admit I broke up with my ex, I charmed her with my sweet talks and inspired her with what I had. Lord I did not think at the time as I was under presure of getting married at the time. I admit if I had listened to her at the time I would not see such day. Lord I admit life runs on money I used my money on her. But things were not working out Lord, I admit I strted taking money off her and had to prove am someone elses gold. Lord I admit I used her money to impress another woman in another country.

Lord I am helpless as I lied and today all the crumbs of fake love are in my married life today. Lord I admit I showered this money love to Tejal in the begining and 6 years on I admit I can not keep up.

Lord please help me and forgive my sins. I need true love I can not buy.

Nitin 🙁

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