i am very tired so every man shuld go divoshanal way for understand who i am and why i am enter in this world
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  1. JU4nsjJSH Hi there! Mom and Youth Leader/Minister in MICHIGAN!! WHOOT WHOOTT! To tell you the truth I looked at all four cvores and immeditaley threw # 2 and #3 out the windw. Not because they aren’t eye cathcing or a visual grab but because the seem to be something that would just not be original .they seem similar to other cvores I have seen time and time again.I loved cover # oneTHe RED popped! I love the simplicity and I love how it is almost perfect, then..oops! Little mess ups around the edges. This reminded me of myself not so much the perfectness but I like to tell my self I have it put together sometimes or at least look like I do!!! But the reality of it is that I don’t and I have little mess ups, sometime huge ones!! So that cover spoke to me. I also liked cover # 3. I can’t tell if the man standing is an adult, but for the purpose of my thought I m going to say Yeah, that’s the dad It’s kind of one of those cvores that has the silent but crying out teen and the there but not there parent. We all do this sometimes I think .I really try not to do the I see you but can you get out of the way thing to my sons. I have failed misserably at this time and time again. Hahahahaha, just a thought wouldn’t it be fun if you combined #2 with # 3 and add the burnt toast to the parent’s hand on your cover wit hthe smoke heavy at the top of the page. That would make me giggle!Many blessings, I enjoy reading all your articles and pray you will be given above what you hope for through your ministry by Christ.

  2. KQi0qq1p FIRST, I must say you ROCK, and I so appreciate all you do to help all of us, your btrehors and sisters in Christ to bring young people into relationship with Jesus. SECOND, I would have to say my first choice is #3, because I feel most parents are really focused on their children more than themselves. The picture on #3 will make them think about their own children while reading a book that is really focused on the parent.THIRD, I would have to say #4 is okay, because it seems more age appropriate. As a man, #4 probably appeals almost as much or more then #3, but I would still say that #3 is best for both men and women. FOURTH, in addition, as a man, I am not interested in #1 or #2, as they don’t seem to be respectable or mature enough. #1 and #2 give off a feel of trying to get a cover to grab attention, but it reminds me of so many books that do that and the guts of the book are weak; which we all know your book will not be. THANK YOU again for all you do. Keep up the good work. God is using you!!

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