Sister came up as lesbian

My 15 year old sister came out to me as a lesbian the other day, a total shock for me – she is the youngest of 4 kids in our family. I told her that my parents would disown her if she told anyone else, and hence asked her to keep quiet – which is probably not too far from the truth. We are Mormons. She has always looked up to me so she believed me without question. This is a time bomb that is set to explode destroying my family. What can we do? I would appreciate only sensible answers please.
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  1. listen she is only 15,give her time she is still a baby and will have many life changing decisions ahead of her to tackle in life,,,leave her be and tell her to keep it to her self for now and when the time is right she can decide for her self what to do or what to say….for now keep it between your selfs,,and time will tell,,,

  2. Give it time. When she’s older and more independent and self-confident if she still feels the same she can be open about it. I doubt if it would destroy your family.

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