Seperating from husband, please advice

I drive over 50 miles to and from work and then cover a large area for my job & drive all day, this really a tough job. I have been married for 20 years now and my husband has issues, issues that people don’t discuss publicly, he do not have any affection for sex, very passive may be becuase he is older, has been to doc for ED.

Anyway, I’m thinking about renting a small appartment for me…b/c it would give me more time in the evening to work out..etc. plus he agrees that the distance may be good for us. I don’t know what I am afraid of…just wanted advice

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  1. help?
    well if he thinks distance might be good for you guys then some thing is wrong,did you think about a different job?? does he look at other girls alot?? does he masterbate by him self alot?? that could be a problem between sex..just dont rent a apartment unless you really want to lose your marriage,,just because you dont have sex and he thinks you being apart is good,,thats not good news…try to see how he reacts if you put something nice on to wear and do something for him..(you know what i mean?) you have been married for 20 years,,try something different and spice it up a little…anyway good luck to you guys,,,,keep your faith…

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