I am becoming increasingly jealous

I am becoming increasingly jealous of women who are getting married because I am so far from it. I am turning 30 next month and I am not in a relationship. I am obsessed with looking at rings online, but with no one to marry, I am bitter
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  1. be still hi… i can actually relate to you betty. I had my first serious bf way back in college but we broke up after 7 years. had another bf 3yrs after that but again it didn’t work out. im now 28 and i was so damn sure that i’m going to be an old maid. I was in a panic. I started entertaining good for nothing guys but never actually felt something for them. It came to a point that i stopped thinking of having a relationship. I started focusing on myself and enjoying for the first time in five years. Then voila! now i found the perfect guy for me or rather, he has found me and i am now engaged to the most wonderful man i’ve ever met. not only is he attractive but he’s the most responsible, compassionate, hardworking guy i’ve ever met-next to my dad of course. Be still… focus on yourself and you will attract the right guy for you. Don’t be bitter, and don’t be jealous because chances are, when you found yourself a relationship you are bound to lose him if you become too possessive.

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