My Older Sister Molested Me

I don’t remember when it started because i was so young but i knew it went on for years and stopped when i was in 2nd grade. My older sister basically had me go full throttle with her and being so little i guess i didn’t understand what was going on. She had me preform oral on her and she did the same to me, and she had me trib her as well. I didn’t know it was wrong because to me i guess it felt good. When she had us stop she made us pray that God would forgive us. After it happened it made me confused about my sexuality and i didn’t know if i was straight, bi, or gay because i liked boys but i still had a sexual attraction towards women. And every time i have a best friend that’s a girl there is a time when I have a crush on her for awhile and have a sexual fantasy about her. But i know it’s wrong and i know i love men and could never be in a relationship with woman..only sex. But right now I’m working on not liking women in that way because i know it’s wrong & i don’t want God upset with me.

Confessed by: NonYaBeezWax
Gender: Female
Country: United States

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