You are an asshole

We had so much in common, so much fun as if we were soulmates and perfect for eachother. I still love your hugs and your hot kisses BUT your an asshole. You say one thing and do anohter. You say you cared about me but it was sooooooo hardddd for you to send me a text, respond to mine, or respond to a call because you were “busy” but “you still got love for me”. I tried to tell you about my bad days and you cut me off. Man what the f*ck EVER! I’m glad I told you I’m done with you since you wanna play mr.busy i deserve better than that and i got someone better than you. Thank God! I just hate the fact that you play the whole “i’m busy” thing. And another thing, you are not “the sh!t” oh and that little cute a$$ of yours you continuously bragged about saying women were all over you about it..yea i seen it naked and it wasn’t all that..not even your blue eyes were all that. Oh and PPS…nobody is drooling over you, its you pretending. Just like you said that lady at the hotel was flirting with you but when you told her about the help you needed with the tv in our room she was gone in less 5mins..if she like you she would have stayed around. Oh and your not as smart as you think, like when you first met your ex wife she told you to cum in her and everything was fine and you did boom 2kids later dumbass…ahhh that felt good.
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