Oh It Was A Pretty Sight

Once during holdays at Aunty's farmhouse, my big cousin sister aged 20 would go

down their farm to their own pond from where the farm is water from the pump

house on the pond edge.

She used to have a bath every day in the morning in

that pond and washes her panties and other dresses.

When she started to move to

the pond, I followed her out of sight and got into the pump house which had

airlet holes all over the walls.

From the pumphouse the steps to pond which was

at the opposite side was clearly lit in the morning Sunshine.

She covering her

body with a big slim towel started removing her dresses facing the pumphouse.

When it came to remove her panty she had to wriggle herself and I could clearly

see through the gap of the wrapping towel her hairy pussy.

She removed her bra

and just to tie around the towel around her she just opened the both ends fully

exposing her nude body in the sunlight.

Oh it was a pretty sight. I was only 15 years then. Her boobs were straight and full round.

Her pubic hair was too thick and no sign of her clits.

She after tightly wrapping the towel, first stepped into the pond steps down to the water and took two or three dips.

She then walked back and sat at the water edge and started to wash her panty and bra.

As she was drenged water and towel was not thick her body outline was clearly visible.

The nipples were protruding and while she sat tilted her thighs were clearly showing in the sunlight.

After washing her essentials she stepped into the water and swam across dipping at times and climbed back to put soap all over her body.

At times opening the towel facing the me and clearly massaging the soap on her boobs, body and pussy.

After her bath she took a dry towel and just dropped the wet towel exposing her body full to my view.

Meantime I had reached my climax and had a great cum.

Before she dressed up and was ready to move I sneaked out.

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