My mother

My neighbours think she is bed ridden, she was after all, and too ill to see them. We always kept ourselves to ourselves anyway.

I handle all her correspondence, and collect her pension for her. I live of the pension my father left.

One day, I am going to have to just disappear I guess. Somehow, I would like to sell the house and live on the money from that, but how do I get the money while everyone still thinks she is alive? Can anyone help me?

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  1. Bail I dont know what goes on in India but where Im from the only money youre gonna need is money to bail your ass out of jail! You can’t do that! Bury your mother already and quit worrying about money!

  2. Get a fake death certificate for a recent date, inform the pension people, sell the house, sorted! Tell the neighbours you’ve put her in a home.

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