I’m sexually attracted to my friend what should I do?

I’m a boy whos 17 and yesterday my friend whos a girl came over and I always thought she was a real cutie and that she had a great sense of humor.we were sitting around bored on my couch,and we just stared fighting over a remote control at first it was all fun and games but I kept tackling her and touching her body. I begin to get to warpped up and we started fighitng again I had her on the floor her hand behind her back and I was on top of her with a hand full of her hair I loved pulling her hair hearing her scream to let her go and loved being in control of her body I loved her moans and effortless attemps to get free although she was still playing I felt the eruge to fuck her every time I tackled her my blood tempture rised and every time she came down or fell down on me I just wanted to make out with her and show her no mercy during the whole thing all I could think about is tearing her clothes off and pulling her long hair fucking the shit out of her dominating her like I was in charge controling her body with the thurst of my dick inside or her and I LOVED IT!!! I wanted more rough fighting.I know I need help but I cant help it I’m sexually attracted to my friend what should I do?
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