Why to FLUSH, I did not flushed.

It was my freshman year in the dorms and I get bored easy. One day I was pooping and an idea came to me, why flush all that down when I could put it to use?! So I took a plastic back with my hand in it, fished out the dookie, then proceeded to walk up to the laundry room on the second floor, where it looked like someone had already washed their clothes and was in the process of drying them.

Well, they were nowhere to be found so I thought the dryer with their clothes would be a PERFECT place to dispose of my treasure. So I placed my treasure into the dryer with her clothes. I decided to go back to the scene of the crime about 45 minutes later to see what had happened, well as luck would have it, a girl stormed out of the laundry room just as I was approaching it and she didn’t look too happy, mind you the WHOLE second floor just reaked of poop, as I walked by the door, I looked in and there on the floor was some of the “treasure”. I know that what I did was so sick and wrong, but to this day I still laugh about it.

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