Mom Forced Me to Wear Diapers On & Off All My Life By Cindy

I am 20 and my mother spanks my naked ass any time she feels I deserve a spanking. Mom forced me to wear diapers on and off all my life for one reason or another but the biggest reason was because I pissed my pants. There were a few times when I was fine one second and the next had to pee so badly and wouldn’t have been able to get it out and pee in the toilet even if I was in the bathroom.

There were a few times where I waited too long and couldn’t make it in time. However, there were a lot of times I pissed my pants because mom wouldn’t pull the car over where there was a safe place for me to pee. She made me go to garage sales and she either promised to hurry and she would take me somewhere as soon as we left, or she would tell me she would ask the home owners, usually not even going over to ask and when I mentioned it she always said she asked and was told no.

She could tell by how I acted on how bad I had to go and loved to deny me the chance to go to a bathroom and always blamed me and always paddled my ass good then made me wear a diaper for a few days at first but after I had pissed myself several times she said I wasn’t learning a lesson and did it because I liked being turned into a baby and liked wearing diapers and began making the length of time I was to be diapered longer.

– Cindy

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  1. You confessed that there are times that you wait too long to make it to the bathroom which tells us all that you piss your pants because you really like to wear diapers . If I was your mother I would make you wear a diaper at all times . I would make you wear clothes that make it obvious that you are wearing a diaper.Imagine the looks and comments from the females especially the girls when they see that you are wearing a diaper,they will laugh and tease you about it

    • To Cindy-What kind of diapers did your mom make you wear,cloth or disposables? And did you have to wear plastic pants also over your diapers? I was a bedwetter going thru puberty and my mom made me wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.My bedwetting ended a couple months before i turned 15,but mom kept my diapers and plastic pants in my drawer and i was made to wear them for easter and christmas and weddings,etc untill i was 17!It was quite hard trying not to let my friends and other people see them on me!

  2. My brother forces me to.wear diapers out in public and dresses for having a small penis he says all babies are in diapers. He says that he will release pictures to everyone if I don’t do as he tells men

  3. After i was potty trained around age 3,mom kept my cloth diapers and rubberpants and made me wear them under my dresses for easter,christmas,weddings,special occassions,etc.Every easter and christmas she put them on me and told me they would make me feel cute and girly!When i made my First Communion at 7,she put them on me under my communion dress,when i was a flowergirl in two weddings i had to wear them.She kept on making me wear them as i got older,every easter,christmas,etc. Ihated having to wear them but she was adamant! All thru puberty and into my teen years it continued.

    • I made my First Communion at 11 and had to wear a cloth diaper and toddler extra large size rubberpants under the white tights per the dress code.After that,mom saved the diaper,rubberpants and tights and i had to wear them under my dresses on Easter and on christmas eve and day! I had to wear them up to age 15 and the last time was Easter sunday when i was 15!

      • To Faith L.-When i made my First Holy Communion at 12,my parish also required the cloth diaper and rubberpants under our communion dresses also.Mom got the Purity brand flat cloth diapers,12 to a package,in the 26×27 inch size and sewed them together to make one diaper out of them and got pink diaper pins to pin it on me with.The morning of the ceremony,mom pinned the diaper on me then put the toddler super large size rubberpants on over then the required tee shirt,then my poofy communion dress and veil,then the lace socks and white shoes.I felt weird! After that,mom made me wear the diaper and rubberpants under my easter dress when i was 13.Then the worst time came when i was 14 and was the flowergirl in my neices wedding and was dressed in a poofy,sleeveless,white,top of the knees flowergirl dress and veil with my first communion lace socks and the white shoes.Mom put the diaper and rubberpants on me,even tho i didnt want to wear them.Before the ceremony,i was put with the ringbearer who was 13 and in his tuxedo.Mom told him that i was a ‘little’girl and lifted up the front of my dress and showed him the diaper and rubberpants and i turned very red!She told him not to tease me and to treat me like a little girl! After the ceremony,mom took the diaper off of me and i had to wear the rubberpants under my dress for the rest of the wedding!

    • To Haillie G.- I was in the same boat as you were!When i was finially baptized at 13 at Easter vigil,my parents dressed me in a white,just below the knees,short sleeve baptism gown with a matching bonnet,lace socks and white mary jane shoes and required me to wear a cloth diaper,rubberpants and tee shirt under my gown. I felt like a baby! Then after that mom put the diaper and rubberpants and tee shirt in my drawer.That next christmas, i was made to wear them under my holiday dress on christmas eve and day.Then i had to wear them again that may under my communion dress!All thru my teen years!

      • When i finially made my First Holy Communion at 15 i was in the class with the 7 year olds.My parents took full advantage of the situation and made me into a little girl! My communion dress was short sleeve with lace on it and somewhat poofy and came to the top of my knees.I had the matching veil and the lace anklets and the white mary jane shoes.They then forced me to wear a cloth diaper made from sewing the Gerber flat cloth diapers together in the 24×27 inch size and it was pinned on me with regular baby diaper pins.They then put a pair of adult size rubberpants with babyprints on them over the diaper that fit me blousy and made me look babyish!My top was a white tee shirt and was tucked into the waist of the rubberpants. I felt like a freak and was embarrassed walking down the aisle with my classmates.

    • To Haillie G.- I can sympathize with you! When i started puberty just past 12,i started betting because of it.My parents made me wear cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night! When my bedwetting ended just past 15,my parents made me keep on wearing them to church,for holidays,weddings,and other special occasions.They told me they would prevent me from wanting to fool around with boys.I even had to wear them under my prom dress at 17!

  4. what the fuck is this fetish mining bullshit? all the comments are full of disgusting fetish miners as well. i dont know how the stupid as fuck moderators let stories like yours or comments like the one in this section through, i think the lazy cunt mods just check whether or not there are curse words and if there arent they let them go through

  5. Does she make you use your diapers like a baby, even to poop? Does she change you? If she does I imagine it would be obvious if you like your dirty diaper while she’s wiping you clean.

  6. Cindy-Did your mom make you wear plastic pants over your diapers? I was like you,mom made me wear diapers with plastic pants over them untill i turned 18!

    • tO Nancy- I am 16 and my mom makes me wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to church on sundays,easter and christmas and for weddings and sometimes when i am going to be around boys!

      • When i went to a purity ball with my dad at 15,mom made me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my white tights with my purity ball gown! I felt odd and weird untill i was talking to some other teen girls and a couple of them told me they had a diaper and plastic pants on also under their gowns.The three of us stuck together the whole time!

    • When i finially made my First Holy Communion at 16,I wore a poofy,sleeveless,knee length communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and white maryjane shoes.My parents made me wear plastic pants with ruffled panties over them and a camisole under my dress! I was quite angry with them and felt weird having the plastic pants and ruffled panties on under my dress all day! Mom used diaper rash ointment and babypowder on me before she put the plastic pants on me which was even worse because i smelled liked the babypowder all day!

      • My parish requires girls to wear rubberpants under our white dresses for baptism,First Communion and confirmation! I had to wear them for my baptism at 14,again under my communion dress at 15,and again under my confirmation dress at 16!None of the girls liked having to wear them!

  7. Did any girls attend a purity ball with their dad and had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their gown? I was 16 and dad said he wanted me diapered under my purity ball gown so mom sewed a package of 10 cloth diapers together to make one diaper out of them and pinned it on me with diaper pins,then put white,adult size plastic pants on over it,followed by my white tights and a camisole as my top.My gown was white and short sleeve and floor length.I wore a headwreath on my head and white gloves with white patent leather shoes.I felt very pure in my outfit and pledged my virginity to dad that night.As it turned out,i found other girls who were also diapered under their gowns also.

  8. Well cloth diapers and plastic pants never existed with us.
    Especially not as a teenager, because these toddler things no longer fit.
    With us or with me it was rather so, that I was forced to wear a disposable diaper, at my First Holy Communion, by my stepmother.
    I refused of course, which thenunion of had the consequence that I received after years again a beating, but this time not from my father but my stepmother.
    My father heard the noise came into the room and as a consequence of my naughtiness, I now had to wear the diaper for the rest of the day and if it would be used.
    Should I fresh diapered to lie in to the bed too.
    Whenever it now went on trips, celebrations birthdays, there was first a spanking and then diapers for me.
    Worst were the vacation season or weekends, there were then of her the dreadedn bath times and maintenance spankings, before I get the diaper and bedtime.
    After my school, with 20y, left I my home
    Now I am a mum too, with 2 wounderfull girls.

    • To Marion-I was forced to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my Communion dress at 14 by my step dad.After my bath that sunday morning,mom had the diaper,diaper pins,plastic pants and babypowder laying on my bed and i refused to lay down so she could put them on me! She called step dad into my room and he took off his belt and threatened me with it if i didnt co-operate,so i laid down naked and mom put them on me! After that,i was made to wear the diaper and plastic pants for Easter,Christmas,weddings,etc.untill i was 17!

  9. When i was confirmed at 14 and in eighth grade,us girls had to wear white knee length flowergirl dresses with lace socks and white shoes.Mom and dad bought a pair of white teen size plastic pants and required me to wear them under my dress.I felt weird wearing them and was paranoid that something would happen and my classmates would see them.

  10. While babysitting for the neighbor lady she made me wear diapers& plastic pants.The diapers were cloth and doubled so i wouldnt wet on her couch why i was babysitting her kids and she pinned them on me so i coudnt take them off know matter how i tried. She told me that every time i would babysit for her that this is how i would be treated and if i complained about it she would tell the other neighbor ladies that i enjoyed being put in diapers and treated like a baby and that i liked being feed a bottle.

  11. I am 16 and babysit for a family with a 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son.The girl is a bedwetter and i have to put cloth diapers and rubberpants on her before bedtime.Most of her rubberpants have babyprints on them which she likes!

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