Meth Turns Me Into a Monster

I can not be around people who do Meth or do any of it at all. If I make the mistake of doing some it doesn’t matter how high I get, I have to do more and more and more.

The higher I get the lower my inhibitions are till eventually there isn’t anything from stopping myself from doing something sexual that is really bad for me. Unfortunately my problem has leaked out and I have to be careful because there are people out there who will slip some in my food or drink and as soon as it hits my system the desire to do more takes off like a wild fire.

I was at a party one night and someone slipped some in my beer and within an hour I was naked and tied up to a tree in the woods and was in the middle of a gang bang. If met friend hadn’t found me they would have a few days later probably dead. I could be over dosing and not be able to control myself and stop from still doing more.

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