I’m Older Than My Sister By 2 Years Only But I Feel Like I’m 20 Years Older Than Her, I’m The Middle Child And We Have A Bit Older Sister My Little Sister Is A Mentally Stable Teenager She Can Be So Responsible But On The Other Hand Most Of The Time She Acts Like A Child And I Mean Like, She Does Things With Irresponsibility And She Storms Out Like A Child, And Tbh It Really Annoys Me But I Got Used To It But Today A Person Asked Me If My Sister Is Stable And If She Is A Bit “retarded” : That Broke My Heart Into A Million Pieces, First Because My Sister Is Trying Her Best, Secondly Because I Can’t Help Her, And Finally Because No One Should Ever Ask Me Anything Like That, I’m Only Less Than A 2 Years Older Yet This Person Made Me Feel Guilty Or Responsible For This, I Don’t Want To Say That She Embarrass Me Because It’s More Like She Makes Me Disappointed In Myself As Her Sister Because I Can’t Do Anything To Help Her I Don’t Really Need Advices But I Just Needed To Get This Off My Chest Because I’ve Been Crying For An Hour Till I Couldn’t Breathe, So Please If You’re Reading This Wish Me The Best For Me And My Sister

I’m older than my sister by 2 years only but I feel like I’m 20 years older than her, I’m the middle child and we have a bit older sister
My little sister is a mentally stable teenager she can be so responsible but on the other hand most of the time she acts like a child and I mean like, she does things with irresponsibility and she storms out like a child, and tbh It really annoys me but I got used to it
But today a person asked me if my sister is stable and if she is a bit “retarded” : that broke my heart into a million pieces, first because my sister is trying her best, secondly because I can’t help her, and finally because no one should ever ask me anything like that, I’m only less than a 2 years older yet this person made me feel guilty or responsible for this, I don’t want to say that she embarrass me because It’s more like she makes me disappointed in myself as her sister because I can’t do anything to help her
I don’t really need advices but I just needed to get this off my chest because I’ve been crying for an hour till I couldn’t breathe, so please if you’re reading this wish me the best for me and my sister

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