I Don’T Get A Very Positive Vibe From My Cousin’S Fianc√©E

I don't get a very positive vibe from my cousin's fiancée.

Though she seems a good choice for my cousin ( considering his nature and his family situation) but somehow the environment feels all negative in her presence.

You can sense bitchy, plotty aura around her.

She is educated, social, well versed, smart and beautiful but also seems manipulative.

She has some strange attitude in her, a sense of pride which is not very warm.

She meets and greets very well when we meet also converses in a good manner, is polite otherwise but somehow all this feels to be a drama and all fake.

She presents herself to be a perfect person but honestly, it all feels too sweet and too good to be true.

I hope the cousin's life and that of his immediate family's goes smoothly in future.

Also, I feel the world is signaling something, her name is not too common but in the recent past I have been noticing the name quite frequently in different and rather strange context.

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