Camming on Omegle With My Sister

I am married and so is my sister but we found each other when we were camming on Omegle. However, because we were shy, when we turned our cameras on we did it from the waist down so we didn’t realise it was the other person. Because we don’t use mics (we just type), we didn’t pick each other by voice. We did it a few times and we masturbated all the way and I loved it.

Then when I was at her place last week I was sitting in the same room as her computer and realised the bookcase behind where she sits and the chair are hers. So next time we cammed I paid more attention and yep, it’s her alright.

But now i’m not repulsed, I actually feel more aroused and since then we’ve done it one more time and now she’s talking about meeting. I’d like to but I know it would be catastrophic to her.

Our spouses are both very computer illiterate and probably don’t even know what we’re doing is possible.

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  1. If it was me I would tell her as your camming that you know who she is and how much you want to have sex with her. Let her know that you have recorded everything and everyone she knows will get to see her masturbating if she doesn’t agree to have sex with you

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