I Hate My Dad

My dad is 52 and his GF is 29 and they have 2 kids. I think she is just brainwashing him because he pays more attention to her than he does to me, my older sister and my niece. I had an operation back in January 2013 that i could of died in and soon as i had it he acted as if I didn’t have it at all his attention went straight back to her.

Back in 2007 he thought he was so smart when the laptop wasn’t responding he thought I broke it so he was having a go at me and swearing so I stabbed him in the neck. He was with my mum at the time and she was a nurse that’s why he is alive. He doesn’t want to work he wants to keep me on disability so I can’t live back in Tenerife and get a job because i would be happy there and i would be living near my mum and he would have to work.

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  1. Mystery Girl 2 years ago

    Get a good lawyer and get yourself off of disability. Don’t let this abusive fucker rule your precious life! Make a plan to liberate yourself from him, and don’t look back!! Stay focused; us women are much much stronger than we think!! Good luck!

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