This Is The Third Confession In My Story When I Was 11

This is the third confession in my story when i was 11 .

Me and my pal had been seen by a girl in the wood , one of our friends .

Me standing and him kneeling , Giving me a blow job .

Both our sets of parnts were at home so we had to us th woods .

When she reachd us , i was cumming in his mouth . She wanted to know what we were doing .

When i told her , she wanted to see . I told her we could not do it again .

I had already made my pal cum . She insisted . To keep her quiet .

I said , if she swore not to tall anyone .

We would show her in the morning , If she came to mu house .

When sh arrived , my pal dropped his shorts . I gave him a blow job .

Showing her the cum in my mouth , before i swallowed .

I told her about being able to cum , by having my penis rubbed .

My pal wanted to go home , he wa not happy about hr ning there . When he has gone .

She wanted me to maturbate for her . I dropped my shorts and lay on the rug .

She got down at the side of me , kneeling to watch .

I aked her if she wanted to do it for me .I told her how to do it .

Still kneeling at the side of me , she was masturbating me .

I put my hand up the back of her dress , and pulled her panties down . Fingering her pussy .

She let me do it . I could feel her pussy getting moist . I wa soon cumming .

She got it on her hand . She sniffed it and tasted it . Before whiping her hand .

She told me that what i had done to her was nice . I told her to undress and lay on the floor .

I rubbed her pussy . It was getting very wet . Then she had an orgasm . From that time .

I did not see my friend . It was me and her experimnting . I licked her and finger fucked her .

To give her an orgasm . She masturbated me and gave me blow jobs .

Eventually i got hr to let me fuck her .

I did it with her kneeling on my bed , with me kneeling behind her . The first time .

I could not get all the way in , something was stopping me .

I was frustrated , so i held her hips . Pulling her to me , and pushed hard .

She let out a scream , and i was in . I asked her if i was hurting her .

Did she want me to pull out . No it is nice , it just hurt for a second .

I had my orgasm , cumming in her pussy . When i pulled out , she lay on her back .

I wanted to lick her pussy . I could taste her juices and my cum . I lickd her and used my finger .

This gav her ane orgasm . After experimenting . We decided that if she lay on her back .

With her legs over her shoulders . I could lick her . I kneeld to fuck her .

My balls bounced against her butt . I rubbed her pussy to give her an orgasm .

Feeilng her pussy contractions made me cum . Most times when i pulled out .

I licked the cum nd juices from her pussy . A few times in the summer .

We walked to a small wood in the middle of a field of crops .

It had bushes all round it , and a small patch of grass in the middle . No one came near .

So we both undressed and fucked in there , enjoying being outside .

Where we could possibly be spotted . It added to the excitement .

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