I’m Afraid of What I Could Do If…

My life in general is very good, I have good family members, good friends… but I have suffered a lot from bullying throughout my life, in an irreparable way. Because of this I have a lot of accumulated hate, a hate that I have NEVER let go of in any way. Nowadays I don’t suffer all of that aggression that I used to, but sometimes when I’m provoked I feel like I have a demon inside me that wants to get out. If an opportunity came to.. do bad things to someone I would take it, and that scares me a lot.

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  1. wish I could persuade you to take all your “hostility” on me, confined in my rubber bondage-bag, for whatever evil deeds you might wish to indulge in…I too was bullied, in teen years, leading to my obsessive addiction with this kind of confinement, and total lack of preconditions, to get more of it…I welcome forced oral service, rape – either end, and merciless orgasm denial, up to the point of near insanity…

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