Old Family Photos in the Chest

At home in the attic is an old chest which is always double locked,  I asked my mother what was in it she seemed a bit evasive and awkward, I over herd a conversation between mum and dad, mum was saying we should get rid of them they’ve been there for years what if something happened to us and the chest was opened what would people think about us when they saw the photos of what our family was up to, dad said are you saying you didn’t enjoy what our family did? mum said you know.

I did it was me and dad that started it when he caught me with my brother naked, we were all hooked on incest what we did would be truly shocking in some one else’s eyes but we couldn’t stop once we had started. we didn’t want to, dad said we will have one final look at them then shred them, where are the keys they are taped to the back of my dressing table draw, we are both off work next week we go through them when we are alone.

I wanted to see the family secret I knew I shouldn’t, the following day I came home from college got the keys and opened the chest, the prints were old Polaroid. first was mum and her dad and brother naked sucking there dicks, then her mother and her sister licking each others cunts, others involved were dads brother and mums sister.

lots of shots of virginal and anal penetration, I was so excited I dropped the photos I couldn’t remember the order I put the away, I had never been so turned on in my life I wasn’t disgusted I wanted to be part of it, I did pinch one print to save for me to look at, a week later mum was giving me strange looks she knew ide been in the chest,

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  1. My dad use to take nude photos of me when mum was out, he said it was to try his new camera out, they were what you could call normal at first. they moved on to me sitting with my skirt up showing my legs and underwear with my legs open with dad sitting on the floor taking snaps of my crutch it did turn me on i was all wet down below, i knew it was wrong of me and dad bit i was enjoying it and s was dad i could see the bulging in his pants, we moved on to more advance poses , but that’s another story next time if anyone wants to hear it

  2. My Dad is away abroad and I help my Mom in kitchen and all other household chores. Since the age of 18 I am fucking my Mom without her knowledge. I give her Milk with sleeping pills diltuted in it before going to bed. When she is in deep sleep I fuck her and enjoys.

  3. I had sex with my drunk mother when I was a teenager and mom was so drunk she had no idea that it was me her son having sex with her. She never said anything to me about it and to this day it was the greatest experience in my life being able to have sex so young even if it was with my own drunk mother