Loving two men

I recently broke off the relationship I had with my lover because I am married and started to feel very guilty. I want to work on my marriage and rededicate my loyalty to my husband in spite of what we have been through over the years. Fact is: I love my husband and I have strong feelings for my lover too. My lover is holding out hope that things will work out with us. It’s a temptation that I am struggling to overcome–the urge to call him up to sneak away to be with him when things are going south with my husband and I. In many ways, I am glad I met my lover because he has loved me in so many ways that my husband has not. In other ways, I deeply regret being unfaithful because I was raised better than that. I am trying to ‘shake’ these feelings I have about my lover and keep the memories in the past. I’m sorry.
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  1. I get it I am in a similar situation – I have been having a relationship with someone at work and i just cant seem to stop it – we both know its wrong – he has a baby with his girlfriends who he is due to marry – i wont leave my husband but we cant stop it – havent felt anything like this before – i have no self control no matter what the risk – we’ve tried to stop it five times and we always end up back at square one – we’re trying to be good again but i dont know how long it will last – it’s eating me up inside, i dont know how i will be able to see him get married to his girlfriend

  2. Hello,
    How are you ?
    So far so good.
    Are U happy with the present situation ? If not, U have to BE with 1 only. Choices are either U get divorce and stay with your BF or totally forget the BF. It should take only MINUTE to do so. Although U R involved in him just TELL him NOT TO BE IN TOUCH and no more contacts. that’s all.
    Any way, giving advice / suggestion is always easy than follow it. hahahahah
    have a nice time,

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