What do i do

I was in my room masturbating one day when my neighbor looked out my window and my neighbor was watching me. i then saw her smile at me and i shut down the blind. 2 days later my mom gets a call and its my neighbor asking if we have any eggs and if we do if she can borrow any. we had them so my mom had me run them over which i knew was going to be awkward. Which made it more awkward was the clothes she was wearing. She was wearing a low cut shirt so you could see her breasts perfectly and she was wearing spandex pants you could see a thong through. She said thank you for bringing the eggs over and she leaned over so her breasts were hanging and she saw me staring at them. Then she saw that i started to have an erection and said “Hello there”. As i was trying to leave she said hold on 1 minute and said she wanted to give me some pasta for home and she had it in the oven because she had no where to put it. I could tell she was purposly doing this because she bent down so all i could see was her ass and she said do you like what you see. Then she told me how she saw me masturbating the other day. I said then that i had to go and she told me i had to fuck her or she would tell my parents. So i didnt want her to tell my parents because that would be awkward so i said ok and she started to makeout with me. next she took off her shirt and pants till she was completley naked when she took off my pants and started to blow me. then she took out handcuffs (this is where i got scared) She put them on my hands and put me to the bed then she took off her underwear and i saw she was shemale. I got so scared and she told me she was going to fuck the shit out of me and make me chock on her cock til i scream for my mommy and if i told anyone she would say nobody bealived me and she would say what i was doing. on how stupid i was i let her do all of this to me. Now whenever i see her she winks at me and the scariest thing of all is i liked it and i didnt like it. What should i do
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  1. SK7ov1FH7sJA Mark, I mostly edit mylsef. I used an editor for my last novel, which was helpful, but still did the vast majority of editing mylsef. Beta readers, other writers or folks you feel would give you good advice, are also helpful.As far as when I call my work a book, I actually do that when I’ve got the basic idea in my head. Yup, before I’ve even written a word! I don’t start querying, however, until I’ve finished editing. For me, start to finish is usually 3-6 months. I write the first draft (sketch) and then go through the ms once for the more “obvious” edits, and at least one more time for enhancing and perfecting (masterpiece!). Of course, it’ll never be perfect, because there are always things you can change. Therein lies the beauty and the challenge.I’m sensing a blog post here, but in the meantime, I hope this helps!;-)

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  3. 3uopFeJrQyd Amy,
    I must have made myself uclenar. I’m not Van Gogh, and my first draft is NEVER a masterpiece! It’s only a sketch. After lots (and lots) of editing, then it becomes my little masterpiece. Although, you’re right – maybe looking at the first draft as a masterpiece is inspiring.;-) –

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