Love to Have Temperature Taken

oh so nice to see I am not the only one!!!!!!

All my life I have been so anally inclined. Always tried to figure why. Reality is, I realize the safest I always felt was laying on my side, Vaseline finger gliding between my cheeks and then the thermometer slid in.

I always said, I would choke on the oral, and I still have a choking issue – want to see if I could ever deep throat a cock.

Around ten, It started to make me feel other things. I grew to crave it. My mom was annoyed by it, and when I needed it taken and she was watching something, I ended up on couch pants down, in front of all in the room, thermometer in me. How exciting.

I knew I loved it, and coupled with the other things I started to like for playing with self, the jcpenny catalogs, sears, my sisters panties, one to sniff, the others I would wear – she had lovely sexy lingerie – sheer, crotchless panties, cut out bras, just my size and
oh I loved to play in them\
and to read porn. Through that I learned of enemas, and shemales and bisexuals.

I experimented, using qtips in a bunch in my ass, I would go biking – pull my undies into a wedgie as I would bike for the day. I would look at girls asses and imagine their panties.

Then I would end it by masturbating in the woods…. shorts down, qtips in

I did not mind the dirtiness – it also excited. Many times I spent fingering myself. Other times, I would curl up and shoot cum all over my face trying to lick my own cock.

Over time I discovered and experimented with first a stick of butter, frozen – OUCH – but then it melted in me and provided my first enema

Then, cucumber, carrot, then a douche. mmmmm and then I found the enema bag- but I preferred and still do to use the douche nozzle – it goes deeper in me.

I fully enjoy it.

I also love to finger girls asses, as I learned. I really enjoyed seeing girls peeing, desperate (still do) and seeing their panties and bras on them, still do that as well. mmmm love when I finger a girls bottom and she is full, as I call it, I can feel her poop in her, mmm I ask her to push out so I can manipulate it, so dirty so intimate and sexy.

mmmm this is so exciting to know others like me. I too love to take a temperature also and to see it done.

I loved it when my first female doctor, just as of late, first asked me to allow an anal exam and I felt her shove her two fingers into me and touch my prostate, I could tell she was very surprised it went in so easy and she could tell I actually loved it.

There was also the time, my wife had bought me satin male underwear, that looked like panties, as she knew I loved wearing panties, but she figured this way, they were male, but I like them.

Well, I do, but forgot I was wearing when I went to a new doctor. He actually is a man I know well. When I realized, I was at first nervous, but then, he is a hot man and I started to think, well, if it had to be. He uses electric current on my back, so had no choice but to actually slide the connection onto my bottom. Went home so horny.

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