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Anyway, after chatting a bunch of times and begging etc. etc. I wound up kind of betting him that if he figured out who I was IRL, then I would meet him IRL. What I had kind of forgot was that I had talked to this guy for like two years and he had seen a picture of me and of my friends, and I think that I had told him what HS I was in. LIke three months later, it turned out that he had somehow learned who I was, where I lived, my phone number etc. After that he kept saying I had promised him to meet him, but it was winter so I kept saying wait till it’s warm. Because he wanted to meet in a public Park and bring his dog, and just talk so I would not feel in danger at all. Well I’m going to college now, so sometimes I would have time off in the afternoon, and this winter was so warm, he finally caught me online and it was around 70 degrees so I finally wanted to just get him off my back. There is a huge park with trails about 3 miles from my house, and he lived about 20 miles away so I met him over there at 2:30, and he had a big brown dog that was some kind of hunting dog. Well, I was surprised because I guess I thought this guy would be kind of a hillbilly kind of guy because of where he lived, but he wasnt. He was around 50, and tall and in great shape, and he didn’t look like Brad Pitt, but he was that kind of a guy, kind of retro-cool with a goatee, and he was tall and really kind of a cool, hot guy. He was smart and funny and I just felt like this guy is no threat or anything. We went for a walk in the park and went up a trail and this is a big park with some three mile long trail loops and they go through fields and woods and up hills, etc. To just get to the point, we wound up sitting on this bench talking and the guy wanted me to let the dog sniff my crotch. I rode a bike up there and had gymshorts on (even though this guy had kept asking me to wear a skirt so he could see my legs…but I think I get why he really wanted it). Anyway he pul
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