This all started because I chat on Yahoo sometimes with a guy I know that moved to NYC. So, other people started chatting me up. Anyway, I was always talking to this one guy who lived in my city. Probably from the time I was 16. When I graduated from High Schoool, I went to a bunch of parties like most do. One night, my girl friend from school met a guy and his friends and they had us drive to another party that was kind of out in nowhere. She was talking to this guy and they wound up going to the store, and I was sitting in this house where the party was, nobody i really knew. I wound up upstairs in a room watching TV with a guy and two gals. The guy asked us if we wanted to see something strange, blah, blah, blah and he put a video on where this woman was in this cabin and they brought in all these dogs and she got banged by them, one after the other. I had never seen any ***** like this before and the guy showing it had two dogs and these dogs started coming in the room and I could tell they were excited, like he had shown this video before to women and then the dogs wound up getting some. Anyway, my friend wound up coming back and nothing happened in the room or anything while I was there.

Well I was chatting with the guy from my town a couple of weeks later and he asked me what turned me on, and I told him about the dogsex movie and how the whole situation was kind of freaky and I was sitting there not knowing if these two girls were going to do something with the dog, and the whole thing actually kind of turned me on, in a way, at least. Well the guy I was chatting with went kind of bat-**** about it and after that when I was online he was always bringing it up and telling me how he thought it was the horniest story, blah, blah, blah…and oh..he had a dog if I ever wanted to do it. Of course, I thought he was weird. Anyway, after chatting a bunch of times and begging etc. etc. I wound up kind of betting him that if he figured out who I was

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