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Anyway he pulls the dog up between my legs and before I can do anything, this guy grabs my hair and pulls my head back so I’m looking at the sky and with his other hand he rubs my thigh and then pulls my shorts out of the way so his dog can get right at my crotch. I’m not sure if he pulled my underwear out of the way too, because he was pulling my hair, but I think he did because a couple of times I think that the dog’s tongue was slurping right on my vag. There were a couple of licks that just shot right through my body. And the in the mean time, this guy is whispering this really filthy **** in my ear. And he squeezed my boob really hard too. This didn’t go on for very long, but being half-scared and thinking wow anyone could walk by and here I am getting tongued by a dog, the whole thing was ******* intense as hell.

After that, we just sat for a while and then we walked through the trail and didn’t talk to much except about school and movies and ****. He said, I’ll talk to ya and he left in his truck.

After that I didnt see him online for three weeks, but we have chatted a couple of times. He has made it clear that he wouldn’t touch me and he is deciding if I am good enough to be with his dog. And he has also said that if I wanted, he knew people that would pay a lot of money to see me getting banged by his dog, basically saying I could make a couple of thousand dollars if I would let people watch.

The only friend I have that I could talk to about this kind of thinks, you only live once and I should do it. I am kind of a chicken about this kind of thing, but when I get in the situation, I just let things happen, kind of like I”m not really there. So, here I am trying to decide whether to become a ***** that once to be dog ******.

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