First Day

So, I’ve been dating this great guy for a while now.
It’s kinda funny- I met him about a week or two after I moved
(his parents live next door LOL), and we just hit it off.
The first day/night we met, he and his parents came over and ate dinner. It got late and his parents left to go to bed.
He stayed and we ended up talking til about five in the morning, then he came inside my house and we watched Donnie Darko together.
He ended up sleeping in my bed that night. (Nothing sexual happened.)

Well, my only problem is that, the next morning, he got up and dropped a big one in the bathroom. I mean…. It smelled f*cking NASTY, like burnt rubber and cheese. :O<
Since then, I’ve been to his apartment and it and all that other good stuff, and it’s happened twice- both times, right after he’s woken up.
I’ve never said anything to him about it, like asked him if me being around make his stomache upset or if that’s just how his stomache is or what…. (and I don’t plan on asking him….)
But babe- your sh*t f*cking stinks!!!!

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  1. wow! im impressed with you girl ! haha! still you love him despite of it!! if i am you,, im already turned off,. haha… 😀 love your confession..

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