Dear Lord,

I feel immense guilt for not having lived a life of purity. Iam guilty of outercourse and i am not married yet. I took the decision to get a purity ring but 2 days before i had, i did it again. I now feel disgust and have somehow lost faith in myself. Even though i am wearing the purity ring now and even though i have not done anything since i wore it not long ago i still feel that my past is haunting me and i have let myself go and im gaining weight. Also i have torn my hymen before from self pleasing and i havent told anyone and this just adds to the guilt. I am still virgin however but that doesnt seem to matter. Im afraid my future partner wont believe im virgin too. i wish i can know that the Lord forgives me, for i know i have let him down.

Confessed by: need2talk
Gender: Male
Country: United States

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