Caught But OK With It

As admitted, I’ve been messing around with my hot older sister for years. Back in college, she’d come to visit every so often, as was also an alum of the school.

Time hasn’t really changed her, but back then, she was just a smoking, fuck-doll hottie. Tight jeans, skin-baring shirts, and a little too much makeup when not at work.

During one weekend visit, sis and I started messing around on my bed, and were well in process of getting naked when my roommate opened the door. Sis and I had no time to cover up, so, roommate saw us both nearly naked together.

He left us to ourselves, then came back. After she went home, he was in disbelief that I was fucking her..Not b/c she was my sister (he thought that was very cool), but that she was so hot!

He was the only one who really knew back then. Since, yeah, several of my guy friends know and are envious. Sis and I still talk about it here and there. “Remember when your roommate caught us!”

What do you think?

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  1. One of my old girl friends of four years used to fuck her brother when he would come and visit. Her family lived two hours away so he would come and spend a night and go home the next day. They did it after I would go to work. She told me they had done it for years so I let it be. He would come an visit during the week only and at least once a month, I knew why.

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