caught and now will confess

Now that my wife caught me in her panties and bra while on my knees sucking our neighbors cock ,I am told I will confess I am a panty wearing cocksucker and not the man I told everyone I was ,or be outed to my family and friends and will take the chance that no one I know will see it ,but have it written on this site ,that I admit I am a cock sucking fag ,so my wife has it as proof to hold over me.

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  1. Isn’t it better for you now that your secret is out of the closet? I did the same thing years ago (admitted to it, not the cock sucking part) and my life is so much better. But then again, my wife was completely understanding about my being a sissy boy. She actually supports it and now borrows my clothes. We’re just lucky that we’re the same size. Some days she picks out matching bras and panties for us. It’s kind of a nice feeling knowing that my wife is wearing a bra and panties exactly like mine…

  2. My wife told me I wasnt allowed to dress feminine any more after we were married but I continued doing it behind her back .I told her about my crossdressing but didnt tell her that I also love having sex with men so when she came home early one day and walked in on me dressed like a slut with some man I met on the internet fucking me she was angrier than I have ever seen her. After lots of yelling and name calling she told me that if I wanted to dress and act like a sissy so bad them she wouldnt stop me. I begged her not to kick me out saying id do anything and after some thought she told me that if I was serious about being willing to do anything she said than she had only one thing I could do and I said anything. She told me that if I didnt want to get thrown out we would have to have a little get together with some friends and family.Karen said she would do all the work and invite the guests and I only had to do one thing,,,I had to get all dressed up like I was when she walked in on me so everyone would know my secret and see me in person. I had no choice because I had no place to go if she threw me out so we threw the party and I walked into the living room dressed in a skirt ,heels and the works and had to confess why I was dressed like a woman.

  3. I also confessed, and my wife took pictures of me sucking mens cocks and getting fucked. If you would like to see them, email . She printed them out, framed them, and they are on our living room wall where our friends, neighbors, and family can see them.

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