Sex With Uncle

I and my uncle used to have sex when I was little girl which I used to enjoy a lot too.Lately I am feeling for him to fuck me like he did many years ago.

What do you think?

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  1. My niece and i where very close, french kissing behind her brothers back, under water in a public pool, she initiated when i told her outside her parents house i was cold …. she jumped in my arms saying, now you will get warm.

  2. Things happened between me and my uncle I use to call at his house it was on the way to school
    I sometimes called before I went to school, he only had his PJ bottoms on, when he sat down I could see his cock I would watch it go hard and he would pull it out for me to look at, other things happened but I don’t know if I should tell more as its very juicy and very naughty, should I add more to my post ? I wasn’t forced into anything ,

  3. I know how you feel. Because I to used to fuck with my uncle and lately I feel for him. I want him to fuck until he bruise my cunt like he used to do many years ago. Whenever I think about his cock my pussy start to tingle and gets wet.