As A Babysitter I Do All This And More, 20 Years Woman

I am a woman, 20 years old. I sometimes babysit the son (12 years) of one of my Neighbors. He is a very quiet boy who plays some Games on his PlayStation when I babysit him.

A few months ago I saw that he looking at my Body as I was talking to him. It angered me a bit, so I thought to myself that I should punish him a little bit. I started to embrace him and hold him tight to my body. I further began to bend down right before him, showing him my butt or my cleavage.

I somehow can’t stop doing this.

Whenever I babysit him, I do all this and more. Yesterday I gave him even a short Kiss on his Lips as I left him. Somehow I can’t stop doing this when I am around him.

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  1. Believe me you are doing this young man a big service. He will forever want to fuck you, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. Every time he sees you he will get an instant erection. You are a wonderful sitter

  2. You are every boys dream come true. Expose yourself to him accidentally like if you are in the bathroom with your pants down and have the door opened up just a bit so he can see your vagina. Don’t wear a bra and have on a loose shirt and bend over in front of him so he can see your boobs. If you were my babysitter I would be happy to see your body and even feel you up

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