For A Halloween Party In Cub Scouts My Mother Dressed Me Up As A Girl

For a Halloween party in cub scouts my mother dressed me up as a girl. Dress, shoes, hair, girl panties, girl socks, she put rouge on my cheeks. The boys made fun of me, they had on costumes of super heroes, ghosts and goblins.

When I got home that night I didn’t take off my costume, and that night I slept with the girl panties on. My sister was a year older than me and she liked lace underwear with bows, which I borrowed and wore to school. I wore her panties to den meetings. I dressed up in her clothes. My mom had discovered my sissy side.

I love dressing up as a girl, I only wear panties, it is my secret identity.

Confessed by: Femmeboy

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  1. After my mother and sister caught me a few times dressed in sisters clothes they decided to make me wear a dress or skirt and all for an entire weekend as punishment.They figured that if I was forced to dress like a girl all weekend it would make me not want to do it any more ,BOY were they wrong.I I wanted to but was scared that we might have company or mom or dad might decide to go somewhere and make me go.I wasnt afraid to get to spend the weekend doing something I loved doing more than anything.I didnt want to ruin it for them so I did put up a fight,,kind of,,ok barely enough to make it believable,,sister knew I was excited about it cause she told me so.I was allowed to stay in the house if I wanted and no one came over and I wasnt forced to go somewhere with the parents and I was sad when Sunday night came and it was time for bed.I undressed and Kelly walked in ,I told her I would put her clothes in the wash then thanked her for letting me wear her clothes all weekend.She smiled and said she could tell when she was dressing me that I was enjoying it a bit too much.She took the dirty clothes from me and found the pink panties and told me to put them back on,,she wanted me to have them.After that I never snuck in her room and borrowed my sisters clothes,She would bring me outfits to wear when we were home alone,or just panties ,some times a bra and pair of panties.It was funny because before that we acted like brother and sister,,always fighting and getting on each others nerves,acting like we hated each other.BUT after that special weekend things were different,,we were just like two sisters after that,never fought,always kind and loving just like tw sisters act towards each other .

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