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I Never Knew Him Because He Died When Wayne Was Only 7

I'm 24 now and moved back home 5 months ago after going to college and working in Boston for two years.

I have a good job in a large corporate office and a guy named Wayne works in the mail room.

I think he is19 now but when he was a young kid I was just as bad as his step sisters Karen and Sally.

Their mom and dad divorced and she married another guy who was Wayne's father.

I never knew him because he died when Wayne was only 7.

For me it began when I was 15, Karen was my age and Sally was 17.

They were horrible towards Wayne and the first time I saw him naked I think he was 10 or 11and Sally was spanking him.

Their mom worked and Sally ran the house more than her mom did.

Her mom had to know how Sally mistreated him but never did anything about it.

Karen wasn't much better than Sally and I know they did all these things to disgrace him.

In those days Karen was my best friend and I was normally at her house a couple or more times a week.

Up until I got out of high school and moved to Brewster, Mass.

they constantly embarrassed this kid.

I feel bad about it now every time I see him, mainly because I went along with it.

The first few times I saw Wayne at work I knew he recognized me and even though he does say hi to me it is obvious he avoids seeing me.

From the time he was 11 up until he was 13 I had seen him nude most of the times I was there.

It wasn't just me since many of Karen and Sally's friends also witnessed the things they did to him.

Sally had him intimidated so badly she often just made him undress and stay naked, often for an hour or more in front of me and other girls.

She also spanked him often and when she did he was always naked.

Most of the time she used a belt and a yard stick.

The ways she would have him exposed to us was shameful.

There were times she had him bent over so radically that his anus was visible.

As he got a little older she began by making him touch himself and eventually made him masturbate in front of us.

His reaction was purely traumatic and the expression and tears on his face was glaringly humiliating for him.

I do have to admit I was amused by the stuff they did to him as were the other girls.

Karen spanked him at times but Sally was the real culprit of it all and the one who forced him to strip and masturbate.

I'm sure their mother knew Sally spanked him but I doubt she knew the frequency of it or the other ways they degraded him.

I don't know how long it went on after I left for college.

Its clear to me it still bothers and embarrasses Wayne when he sees me.

I tried to talk to him at work several times and can tell he is humiliated even now.

When this was going on I was complicit, but now feel terrible about it.

Both Sally and Karen are married now and I haven't seen either since moving back.

There mom died a couple years ago and needless to say Wayne doesn't bother with them at all.

I don't blame him for avoiding me because of how often I saw him naked back then.

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